Sex Positive Birth Control for Women

1) Name of Company or Idea: EcoSensual Natural & Sex-Positive Birth Control

2) Gender of Owner(s): Male

Sensual Contraception for women3) What is the Product/Service: Sex positive birth control for women. This membership-based site offers a sexy and unique way to use the Standard Days Calendar Method of birth control that allows women to have a more pleasurable love life while using less artificial birth control products.

Ecosensual Natural Birth Control is a Sensual Enterprise project. It is an example of where we try to establish an economic model that is in alignment with our ideals.

In this case the ideals we are promoting are women's empowerment, reduction of pollution, population control, and improving the love lives of people everywhere!

Ecosensual Natural Birth Control can help improve a couple's love life by suggesting changes to their sexuality based on the female's natural cycles. Our effort here is to empower women sexually by giving them knowledge. For knowledge is power and when a woman truly knows her fertility it can affect her love choices, her moods, her travel plans and much more!

For with most couples no matter how much they love each other, their sexuality can become rather routine after months or years into the relationship. Dare we say it, sex can even become perfunctory and boring for some! By using the Ecosensual Love Calendar we hope to inspire couples to spice up their love lives. The site is naughty and a little risque. After all it is about joyful sex and birth control!

This site is part of the Hedonisia Family of Eco-Feminist websites.

4) How does it promote female empowerment or gender equality: It allows women to have greater knowledge of their fertility cycle in a way that gives females more control of their sexuality and sexual pleasure.

5) Is it profitable or not?: Yes, it makes a small profit.

6) Web Address & Physical Location if applicable:

7) Which Pillars of Feminist Enterprise does this business address? Sexual Empowerment, Reproductive Rights Empowerment

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