Refugee Rape: Global Female Security Force

Protecting women from refugee rape as a feminist entrepreneur!

Feminist Entrepreneur Original Business Idea
Women protecting Women!

1) Name of Company or Idea: In refugee camps all over the world women are often abused by the male security forces who are supposed to be guarding them. Often it is Western non-profit Aid agencies who are paying militia groups or government soldiers to guard the camps in the name of saving the children and the women! In other words, Western non-profits and government aid agencies paying rapists!

2) Gender of Owner(s): Idea created by Mojo Mustapha (male) but given as a royalty-free idea. Any budding Feminist Entrepreneur has permission to bring this concept into reality!

3) What is the Product/Service: Female Military Security Force. Creating a training school for female security guards and soldiers who could protect the inner perimeter of refugee camps. Male soldiers and militias could still be on the outer perimeter but not on the inside.

If such a training school could be created as a prototype it could work with Aid Agencies and Western governments as well as the United Nations.

In Africa, as in any conflict zone, there are many women who would jump at the chance to be the protectors rather than part of the victims in the many conflict zones of a continent where rape rates are among the highest in the world.

By empowering other women to be the protectors you would create jobs for women and reduce the incidence of rape and sexual exploitation in refugee camps.dramatically. Women don't rape women. It's that simple.

And the owner of such a school would have the business flexibility to make adjustments and changes based on market needs without having to go through the bureaucracy of a board and fundraising.

4) How does it promote female empowerment or gender equality: By empowering other women to be the protectors you would create jobs for women and reduce the incidence of rape and sexual exploitation in refugee camps dramatically. Women don't rape women. It's very simple.

5) Is it profitable or not?: The potential for profit is huge. As long as there is conflict in the world there will be refugees and refugee camps. Many countries are closing their doors to asylum seekers so refugee camps, housing women, and children are increasingly seen as a long-term solution. 

Turning this concept into a profitable feminist enterprise requires coming up with a researched description of the current situation, creating a business plan for such a training school to secure funding for training the first cadre of female security forces. Ideally bidding for contracts with existing UN or NGO organizations to create a working model which can be replicated. Of course, that would not be easy. But since when has doing anything worthwhile been easy?

6) Web Address & Physical Location if applicable: None yet. This is a concept idea so is not active at this time.

7) Which Pillars of Feminist Enterprise does this business address? Physical Empowerment, Sexual Empowerment

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