Goddess House Community for Single Mothers

Goddess House: A Community Based Business Solution

The way it is: Single mothers are one of the most neglected family units. Many are on some form of welfare. They often find it difficult to move on from the welfare cycle.

Feminist Entrepreneur Original Business Idea

Welfare brings benefits in that allows a woman to raise her child without having to depend on the support (and control) of her family. On the other hand, welfare does not really allow a mother to have a life. It is just enough to live but not LIVE!

All over the world, single mothers deal with various struggles. And because of traditional cultures, as well as time and monetary constraints, it is very hard to develop a loving relationship with anyone while you have children to take care of.

Many males find it challenging to date single mothers because, with children, they have too much 'baggage' to deal with from the onset. According to Woman Knows, if a single mother has children, her chances of remarrying decrease.

This further increases the poverty, alienation and isolation of many single mothers around the world. As reported in the Poverty Snapshot Factsheetthe poverty rate for single-mother families was 36.5 percent. The statistics are even higher for women of color.

The Goddess House for Single Mothers

The way it could be! The idea behind the Goddess House for Single Mothers is basically a community house in which single mothers will live together. This is a Feminist Entrepreneur concept, meaning that we give this idea 'royalty free' for other feminist entrepreneurs to use!

Entrepreneurs will be researching the status of single mothers in the world. Workable solutions such as the prototype Goddess House will have different rules as to the types of single mothers would it allow. Each house would have a different application and acceptance process? Ideally, we recommend a household of at least two single mothers. However, the concept can be expanded or contracted.

The main limitation is the budget for purchasing or renting property!

If any single mother who is living at the Goddess House has a date they can go out with the secure knowledge that their child is safe with the other mothers.

And they can date for as long as they wish without the pressure of introducing children into the game. 

Each mother would have the freedom to love without pressure. And by having a home community that is female run, it also makes the women stronger. Any guy who dates a woman from a Goddess House would know he is dealing with a strong empowered woman with a lot of sister support.

This would hopefully change the quality and caliber of the men who date a woman from such a place. Men who are intimidated or threatened by a female-run household need not apply.

Feminist Entrepreneur Criteria: 

  1. People: By supplying housing and childcare in a community environment for single mothers this social enterprise idea addresses people first and foremost.
  2. Planet: By encouraging community living there is an automatic saving in money and environmental resources, as it is simply much more efficient for small groups to live together rather than single mothers living in isolation.
  3. Pleasure: By having childcare built into the Goddess House, single mothers have time to enjoy the pleasure of socializing with adults whether for sexual or non-sexual purposes.
  4. Purpose: The purpose of this idea is to create happier women and families and reduce the strains on society. In addition, by having a women-run household, this project hopes to reduce male violence against women.
  5. Profit: Mothers pay rent through their housing allowance that is usually part of the welfare benefits. However, this option also allows entrepreneur mothers the time to set up and run their own business because childcare is automatically built into the model.

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