Feminism & Animal Rights: Alternative to Animals in Lab Experiments

Human Experiments versus Animal Experiments

Feminism Animal Rights!

It has often been said that man is the cruellest species on the planet. Through the centuries, women have been treated as animals and vice versa. When it comes to animal cruelty, women have a much better track record perhaps because they know what it's like to be treated the way animals often are.

Feminism Animal Rights
Feminism Animal Rights

Our feminist entrepreneur idea is to use transparent independently monitored human experiments with paid volunteers who receive health insurance rather than cruel primate and other animal experiments.

Humans can choose to undergo experiments. Animals cannot do so. Also, it is more scientifically accurate to study the effects of a drug on humans than on any animal.

As well, there are many poor people who would just at the chance to do honorable dignified experiments.

Of course, some experiments would have more side effects than others. But with full health insurance, there is the added value of follow up on the subjects for long-term effects.

The author has undergone peer-reviewed human drug testing in Holland and Canada.

He was treated with dignity, stayed at the hospital and completed much homework and then left with a reasonable compensation. In all, it was a win-win situation.

Liberals may decry human experiments on poor people by arguing that the poor have 'no choice'. But when you are in poverty you already have few choices. You are already an experiment in cheap poor quality food being put into your system.

Better to be transparent and upfront about the process and treat people with dignity. Volunteers for particularly risky experiments should be well compensated, receive media coverage and be treated as the hero they are.

For it is their volunteer sacrifice that would be producing medical benefits for all of humanity.

A mouse, rat or monkey does not have that 'pleasure'. They just endure the most excruciating pain because they can't speak and tell the researchers how they are feeling.

This cruelty to animals has to stop. It is no longer necessary. And it would be much better to provide jobs to the very poor than torture to animals.

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