Female Empowerment in Nature

The Way It Is

Ecofeminism: To view Mother Nature and Women's bodies as one and the same. Female environmental empowerment stems from this approach to feminism.

To be quite blunt about it, men rape women all over the world. In every culture, religion or region. And men primarily are the miners, clear-cutters, drillers, and workers in other extractive industries that 'rape' Mother Nature. Not many women work in those industries except in the 'office'.

Jungle Queen Mural at Hedonisia Hawaii
Jungle Queen Mural at Hedonisia Hawaii.

Whether it's a penis being forced into a woman's body or a diamond bit drilling into the earth the results are the same. Men take what they want forcefully and then leave a mess afterward.

However, to continue the analogy 'drilling' can be pleasurable for women. So too, if care is taken, men can extract a certain amount from Mother Nature as long as he puts something back. A woman's body is never the same after she has been 'plowed' or 'drilled' by a man. So too with nature.

We are not advocating turning the entire planet into a sacred park where nothing can be touched. Responsible extraction creates products, services, and technology that can better both. After all, if one day a nuclear missile is used to 'save' the planet from a stay meteor what can even the most extreme environmentalist say?

'Femininity' is often seen as an urban creation. Many of the signs of modern femininity, whether mini-skirts or make-up, are common in a city. They are not so in a natural environment. With the increase in urbanization across the planet, many women feel very UN-feminine and dis-empowered in a natural environment. Often they need a 'man' to scare away the spiders or cut through the jungle foliage.

Being comfortable in wild nature does not mean having to give up your femininity! As a 'green tourist' community founded on Eco-Feminist principles, Hedonisia provides an opportunity for female volunteers and interns to become 'environmentally empowered' by working in nature and doing what is typically seen as 'man's work'.

The Way It Could Be

EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Case History: 

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Feminist Community

Many city women who come to our community arrive as guests, volunteers or interns. Often they are in a tropical jungle for the first time in their lives!

Jungle Queen Eco-Community
Female Empowerment in Nature!

Living in the jungle can be challenging but it does make a woman feel stronger about her abilities in wild nature. And they take that feeling with them when they leave our community and return to the 'Urban Jungle!'

A woman can feel empowerment through living harmoniously with nature. Working, eating from, and even bathing from the land (our outdoor solar jungle shower), she will feel closer and more intertwined with Mother Nature than ever before!

By adapting to her surroundings and taking control, women are able to feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. Working with nature is not just a man's job, by any means. At Hedonisia, we hand a woman a machete on her first day and instill in her the faith that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Once she finds that inner strength, nothing can stop her (especially not a few spiders)!

By helping women feel self-assured in nature, we are giving her the mental mindset that she can do it without a man by her side; she will know that she is strong enough to take on anything the world throws at her! A woman can just as easily chop down a Guava tree and lead a team in building a structure with it. At Hedonisia, Women are able to embrace their strength and be appreciated for it. A damsel in distress is no friend of nature!

Females (or males!) may arrive at the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community as a 'Prissy Princess" but they graduate as empowered 'Jungle Queens'!

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