Being a Male Feminist!

Mojo Mustapha - Founder of EcoFeminist Entrepreneur

"Women are the largest persecuted "minority" of human beings whose human rights are routinely violated, many times in the name of religion or culture." MM

Mojo - Male Feminist and Eco-Feminist!
Mojo at Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community!

A male feminist? It sometimes feels like an oxymoron to describe a man as a feminist! However, a man can be a strong feminist without having to sacrifice his manhood!

A man can genuinely like women, as friends, and as lovers, and be a feminist.

As an ex-Muslim, Mojo embodies the contradictions that have formed his life!

Mojo was born in England of Indian heritage. His parents were from Trinidad and Tobago and he lived there for 6 years as a child and teen.

With his extended family in Trinidad, Mojo became reacquainted with the religion of his birth, Islam. He studied for a short time to be a Quranic scholar or Hafiz at his local mosque.

Upon returning to England, he noticed increasingly the ways that Islam discriminates against women both in scripture and in practice. In protest of the way women are treated in the Muslim world, he left the religion at the age of 17.

He joined his father in Canada where he studied Sociology and Women's Studies at York University. Then he started to get an education in the world!

As a man traveling the world, he realized there was such a thing as male privilege. He had the freedom to travel almost anywhere he wanted and at any time of the day or night. However, he quickly noticed that women around the world did not share those rights.

Living and traveling in 35 countries also allowed him to see the connections between the plight of women and the plunder of the planet.

As a person of Indian heritage, Mojo does have Small Business DNA in his genes! However, he wanted to incorporate feminism into business as a means of social and economic empowerment for women.

Rather than adopting the victim-oriented 'safe space' approach to traditional feminism, he wanted more empowered feminism that addresses the central issue of gender inequality. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most powerful forms of empowerment. And that's how the concept of EcoFeminist Entrepreneur was born!

In Hawaii, Mojo founded and is the Community Director of the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community.

And in Portland, Oregon he hosts temporary volunteers and guests at his apartment based Eco-Feminist Micro-Community where he is able to further develop the Feminist Entrepreneur projects in a city that is described as one of the most progressive on the planet!

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