Ecofeminism makes the connection between gender equality and the environment.

It equates the treatment of women on the planet with the treatment of Mother Earth. The unequal status of women has a cost to the entire world.  Studies have shown overpopulation, war, and environmental degradation, are largely male induced and supported activities.

Jungle Queen at Hedonisia Hawaii!
EcoFeminism: Hedonisia Hawaii Jungle Queen!

In countries where women have more power, men tend to be less violent. For example, in modern Germany and Denmark, women enjoy more equality and men are less aggressive. This is especially noteworthy given that Denmark is the ancestral home of the hyper-masculine Vikings. And Nazi Germany was not exactly a place where feminine power prevailed.

In places where women have very little power like in Africa and the Middle East, men are more violent.

Population growth and the overuse of natural resources is often cited by many experts as one of the greatest causes of environmental degradation. There are simply too many humans for the planet to sustiainable support.

However, to take any step to 'reduce' the human population would involve possible crimes or ethical violations. When a woman has a job, education, and equality, she will choose to have is 0-2 children. This tends to be true no matter what country she is from. In other words, feminism will solve the population problem which is good for the environment!

Ecofeminism equality does not mean being the same!

If there ever were a historical trial held for all the wars, genocides, drilling, mining, clearcutting, torture, rape and the many other abominations in human nature, the docket would be composed almost exclusively of men.

By that fact alone, men have abrogated their responsibility as stewards of the planet. Women are literally not guilty of most of the major crimes in this planet's history.

Macho posturing on the world stage between egotistical, prideful men of power, is often the cause of war. Having a critical mass of women in positions of leadership and power would change many of the underlying fundamentals that make men go to war.

Since the beginning of recorded history, men have been waging an unofficial war against women. To those who may doubt this as hyperbole, simply look at the body count. Every year millions of women are killed or raped across the globe. The equivalent simply does not happen to men. There are no 'Battered Men's Shelters' anywhere in the world. Men don't fear women. But women have learned to fear men.

Female persecution transcends race, creed, and culture. And men do the same to Mother Earth. They drill, mine, deforest and hunt to extinction all other life on the planet.

Broadly speaking, women tend to be less territorial, aggressive and violent than men. This can have great benefits in matters of war and peace.

It is simply logical that as half the population of the world, females should have half the power. Half the police, half the military, half the CEO's half the judiciary. Half of everything. We need women in power: female soldiers, police, billionaires, judges, and so on. 50% of the population deserves 50% of the power.

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