Eco-Feminist Volunteers or Interns

EcoFeminism Volunteer Opportunities

EcoFeminist Entrepreneur is managed in the Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community. As a micro-business, we are still able to embody Community Activist Feminist & Environmental principles and earn enough to continually grow and evolve.

Hedonisia EcoFeminist Partnerships or Startup Incubator! One of the most effective ways to learn is by actually managing a social entrepreneur community as part of our intern team! We even act as a start-up incubator for interns with an EcoFeminist Entrepreneur idea of their own!

Options to volunteer on our Eco-Feminist Entrepreneur Portfolio:
  1. Portland Micro-Community Volunteer for Rent Reduction. If you live in or plan to visit Portland for at least a month, this is an option!
  2. Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community. We are rebuilding our community from the destruction of the Kilauea volcano in 2018. Join us as a volunteer and either be part of our physical rebuilding or brain work on our Eco-Feminist Entrepreneur Portfolio.
  3.  Virtual Volunteer Program!  You can'work from home in advance to build and 'bank' volunteer hours in exchange for lodgings for a future eco-vacation at Hedonisia Hawaii!

Hedonisia EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Volunteer
Work Descriptions & Requirements

One of the biggest projects we do is writing and research for the site and our video ecourse.

For example, we need to fact check and quote studies and research that support some of the central ideas in the EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Video eCourse.

Applicants who wish to work on this site should have at least some of the following qualifications:

  1. Education. We welcome applicants with writing and online research experience. These projects are perfect for students, graduates or professionals in the fields of Sociology, Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology, Humanities or other liberal arts program.
  2. Computer Proficiency. Include experience with Google Docs, editing pages in WordPress, Photoshop, web design, graphic design, SEO or any other related software experience.
  3. Related Work Experience can be substituted for formal education experience. Please specify what related work experience you have. We prefer applicants with skills, interest, and experience relevant to the projects they wish to work on!
  4. Basic Research Skills: Including writing, footnotes, and bookmarks. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines)
  5. Certificate of Completion: If an Intern or Volunteer is a student, then we can adjust their hours to reflect the requirements of their educational institution.

Portland Eco-Feminist Volunteer Option!

As the TV show, Portlandia cheekily observes, Portland is one of the most 'feminist' cities in the USA! We love progressive Portland so much we created a tiny Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community Volunteer Rental in a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment in SE Portland.

We offer one of those bedrooms, 3 times a year as a temporary rental!

Eco-feminists who need a temporary room for rent in Portland can volunteer a few hours a month in exchange for rent reduction! Portland Eco-Feminist Roommate Online Application