Damsels in Defense!

Women’s Live Stream Self Defense Concept

Damsels in Defense is an idea of a Device for Female Defense against Domestic Abuse & Rape

pasted-image-01) Name of Company or Idea: Damsels in Defense! Women's live stream self-defense. A concept being developed at our home base, the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community!

2) Gender of Owner(s): Female & Male

3) What is the Product/Service: A live streaming company that offers women a non-confrontational option for self-defense. This company would provide the ability not only to live stream video and audio remotely to a secure online system. It would also offer a safety network. Building off “the panic button” concept found in banks, private home security and even in low-profile stylish jewelry. The live system will be set up to stream the footage, record and store it as well as broadcasting a GPS alert. The live streaming system will receive and broadcast a GPS signal and alert all other users in the area. The footage, however, would not be made available for purposes other than lawful prosecution.

4) How does it promote female empowerment or gender equality? : This concept provides a non-confrontational option for women’s self-defense. Empowering women even more by providing more options. When provided with more options women are more empowered in their choices.

5) Is it profitable or not?: This idea has a potential to be profitable. This company would charge a  monthly or annual membership fee. Offering each member not only their own access, but also a charitable membership to a woman in need for the same duration and membership status as that of the paying member.

6) Web Address & Physical Location if applicable: Not Available Yet

7) Which Pillars of Feminist Enterprise does this business address? Physical Empowerment & Sexual Empowerment


Feminist Entrepreneur Idea. This is a Feminist Entrepreneur concept which we developed with a Hedonisia Hawaii Intern.