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Women and Children First

1) Name of Company or Idea: Women and Children First

Female Intellectual Empowerment
Women and Children First

2) Female or Male owned (either is okay!): Female owned

3) What is the Product/Service: Bookstore promoting feminist ideas and communities.

4) How does it promote female empowerment or gender equality: From their website: “Our purpose in beginning the store 33 years ago was to promote the work of women writers and to create a place in which all women would find books reflecting their lives and interests. We strive to do this in an atmosphere in which all are respected, valued, and well-served. That is our purpose still, online as well as in the store. We are one of the largest feminist bookstores in the country, stocking more than 30,000 books by and about women, children's books for all ages, and the best of lesbian and gay fiction and non-fiction.” Continue reading Women and Children First