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Moondays – A Red Tent Where Women Honor their Cycle

Red Tent Products & Services to Honor a Woman's Menstrual Cycle

Women around the world have often been stigmatized when they are on their menstrual cycle.

Menstrual Empowerment for Women!

This innovative company is hoping to create a chain of spa based outlets that honor a woman's cycle in the 'red tent' tradition.

This ideas supports women’s empowerment for a few reasons:

  • 1. when women honor their cycle in this way, they empower themselves and women worldwide, setting a precedent that this is valid and important
  • 2. there will be workshops and classes, specifically designed for women’s empowerment on the premises
  • 3. when women join together with other women, it amplifies women’s power
  • 4. a portion of profits and fundraisers will go towards non-profits helping women local and globally.

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Feminism & Animal Rights: Alternative to Animals in Lab Experiments

Human Experiments versus Animal Experiments

Feminism Animal Rights!

It has often been said that man is the cruellest species on the planet. Through the centuries, women have been treated as animals and vice versa. When it comes to animal cruelty, women have a much better track record perhaps because they know what it's like to be treated the way animals often are.

Feminism Animal Rights
Feminism Animal Rights

Our feminist entrepreneur idea is to use transparent independently monitored human experiments with paid volunteers who receive health insurance rather than cruel primate and other animal experiments.

Humans can choose to undergo experiments. Animals cannot do so. Also, it is more scientifically accurate to study the effects of a drug on humans than on any animal.

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How Menstrual Cups Are Changing Lives in East Africa

Huffington Post Online article entitled How Menstrual Cups Are Changing Lives in East Africa.

It is a fantastic idea. A cheap, easy to use device that vastly improves women's health and ability to work and get an education.

Menstrual Cup for Female Empowerment
Menstrual Cup

This project is a great example of a feminist enterprise that addresses several areas of women's empowerment:

Reproductive Empowerment: The use of menstrual cups reduces the risk of infections in a woman's reproductive system which has the potential cause reproductive complications and affects a woman's overall health.

Intellectual Empowerment: By not having to miss school when they are menstruating, young women in East Africa now have fewer obstacles to completing their education.

Environmental Empowerment: Reusable menstrual cups are less polluting than disposable products that also cost more.

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