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Goddess House Community for Single Mothers

Goddess House: A Community Based Business Solution

The way it is: Single mothers are one of the most neglected family units. Many are on some form of welfare. They often find it difficult to move on from the welfare cycle.

Feminist Entrepreneur Original Business Idea

Welfare brings benefits in that allows a woman to raise her child without having to depend on the support (and control) of her family. On the other hand, welfare does not really allow a mother to have a life. It is just enough to live but not LIVE!

All over the world, single mothers deal with various struggles. And because of traditional cultures, as well as time and monetary constraints, it is very hard to develop a loving relationship with anyone while you have children to take care of.

Many males find it challenging to date single mothers because, with children, they have too much 'baggage' to deal with from the onset. According to Woman Knows, if a single mother has children, her chances of remarrying decrease. Continue reading Goddess House Community for Single Mothers

Plan 9 Burlesque

1) Name of Company or Idea: Plan 9 Burlesque

2) Female or Male owned (either is okay!): Female owned - Alexis Meuche

Female Sexual Empowerment through Performance Art
Female Sexual Empowerment through Performance Art

3) What is the Product/Service: They are a burlesque company that puts on themed cabaret show once a month for 9 months of the year.

4) How does it promote female empowerment or gender equality: They employ both female and male performers of all body types and believe that all people can be sexy and beautiful.

Everyone who comes to the shows is also given a rundown before the show begins about what is appropriate behavior and how to be a respectful audience member so that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the show. Continue reading Plan 9 Burlesque