EcoFeminist Entrepreneur

EcoFeminist Entrepreneur!

Gender Equality through Ethical Capitalism

An EcoFeminist Entrepreneur is a person who creates a sustainable business supporting gender equality. This business should create a product or service that supports at least one Pillar of Female Empowerment.

Using business as a tool for female equality is contrary to the teachings of  certain strains of feminism. To the detriment of women in general, some feminists have associated patriarchy with capitalism. They tend to look towards charity and government based policies for solutions to the issues around gender equality. They base their movement on 'victim politics'.

Feminism versus Capitalism!

We argue that feminism can use capitalism as a tool for achieving female equality as well as to provide meaningful jobs. Our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Blog lists examples of what we mean by 'ecofeminist entrepreneur' projects.

With females being half the population, they are literally the single largest persecuted 'minority' on the planet!

Calling for women to have an equal share in the stewardship of the world is not anti-male. On the contrary, women's rights are human rights and human rights benefit men too!

EcoFeminism benefits Everyone!

Every country on the planet where women have more power such as the Scandinavian countries (or Portland!), society is more eco-friendly, less violent, less criminality, better sex, less overpopulation, less spent on the military, fewer people in jail. The most aggressive countries are those such as in Africa and the Middle East where masculinity rules unchecked!

Men have run the world for at least 5000 years and with wars, overpopulation, pollution and mass extinction they have thoroughly destroyed it. Women have been cleaning up the messes of men since the time they were born. It's time they claim their fair share of power and clean up the entire planet!

And being an EcoFeminist Entrepreneur is a great way to change the world and give yourself a meaningful job in the process!


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